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Southern Oregon Credit Service President Brian Watkins has worked in the collection industry for more than 25 years. His deep knowledge of the industry and engaging personality makes him an oft-requested speaker for professional groups, associations, and conferences.  Brian is a Certified Instructor for ACA International and presents engaging sessions for businesses of all types.

Brian is enthusiastic about sharing best practices for effective revenue collection, accounts receivable management strategies, as well as his insights on how your business can reduce its number of outstanding accounts.

Brian has a charismatic and personable approach. Combined with his skills in the collection industry and knowledge of A/R management cycle, he is a popular speaker who consistently gets top reviews from his audiences.

Speaking topics for Conferences/Webinars include:

  • How to Ask for Money without Being the Bad Guy
  • Six Steps to de-escalation with a difficult consumer
  • Working with a collection agency – what the creditor needs to know!
  • The Impact of the Lifetime Value of a Customer on Your Bottom Line
  • How to Handle the 10 top excuses heard 90% of the time
  • 5 Steps to Avoid Bad Debt Write Offs
  • Moving People to Pay: A Customer-Friendly Approach
  • Collecting at Point of Service
  • Early-out Accounts Receivable Strategies
  • Increasing Collections While Preserving Customer Relationships
  • Keys to the Front Line – How you Can Bulletproof Your Policies and Procedures
  • The 3 Mistakes that Everyone Makes that Cost Them a Lot of Money
  • How the Economy Affects Your Collections
  • What Laws Prevent You from Collecting that You Absolutely Have to Know

If you would like to have Brian Watkins speak for your next workshop or conference, please call us at: 1-866-511-0070.