The Industries We Serve

Our primary industries are healthcare (hospitals, clinics, doctor groups, etc.), municipal and government (cities, counties, boards, etc.), utility (water, telecommunications), and financial (banks, finance).

Once the account is placed with us for collections, we begin attempting to communicate with the consumer via phone and mail by contacting the available numbers and addresses. Our collectors will work to identify assets and address verification while trying to obtain reasonable payments from the consumer. Our highly-trained and experienced staff of legal collectors and support personnel work with our attorneys and the courts when litigation and judgment remedies are necessary.

Commercial Businesses

At Southern, our commercial collectors are very aggressive in asset location, payment procurement, document production, and the litigation process. We review accounts for possible fraudulent transfers and corporate co-mingling of assets in case there are other potential remedies should the corporate entity become dissolved. Typical commercial industries for Southern include media and advertising (print, radio, TV), wholesale and supply, contractor and sub-contractor services, production, and goods sold.


Southern serves many types of educational institutions including community colleges, universities, and smaller private learning and testing centers. Working with our team will help you keep your institution’s default rates low. We help recover tuition, lab fees, books and materials charges, and other miscellaneous fees. Our team has extensive knowledge in this industry and can get your accounts receivables back on track.


The collection professionals at Southern helps our area’s community banks, credit unions, finance companies, and other financial institutions. We manage collection operations related to financial transactions and products. Southern follows all industry standards and adheres to all privacy restrictions as they pertain to the collection and financial industries including Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act, and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act. We understand the intricacies of the financial industry and create tailored solutions for your organization designed to decrease your charge offs, reduce your delinquent accounts, and increase your profits,


Southern provides services for a large number of hospitals, medical clinics, private practices, and dental offices. Our team is intimately familiar with the entire medical billing process – dealing with health insurance companies and other third-party payers. From small family practices to larger offices with multiple doctors or dentists, our team excels at collecting debts while maintaining strong relationships with your patients. We adhere to all patient confidentiality requirements including HIPAA, FDCPA and FCRA standards. Our web-based technology makes it easy to upload overdue accounts into our system.


We provide collection services to government agencies and know how to expedite these accounts. Our team understands collecting past due debts for cities, counties, and utilities related to traffic citations, utility bills, garbage collection, licenses, and ambulance bills. Since most municipal debts are under $1,000 many collection agencies will only pursue these smaller debts when they have exhausted efforts of more lucrative accounts. We call every account on a predetermined time schedule based on our arrangements with your organization, regardless of its size. Your accounts will never be neglected.

Property Management

Southern has extensive experience collecting tenant debts for property management companies. Our team understands the property management billing process and all of the specific financial responsibilities of tenants including past due rents, late fees, damages, lease termination fees, legal costs, utility bills, and so on. Our team is versed in skip-tracing techniques to locate tenants who have vacated without leaving forwarding address information. We promptly report bad debt to the credit reporting bureaus in order to inhibit a debtor’s ability to obtain rental before paying their debt, as well as to determine their new location to pursue payment.


Our job is to locate your customers and create a payment solution that is both manageable for the customer and beneficial for your retail company. We build relationships that are based on trust and respect. Throughout the collection process, we diligently communicate with your customers in a manner that evokes a positive outcome, maintaining your hard-earned relationships and ensuring that your reputation is held to the highest standard. As a result of our approach and processes, we maintain an extremely high recovery percentage for our clients and maintain an ongoing flow of revenue back to you.

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