Southern Participates in the 2017 Project Community Connect with the United Way

Since 2009 faith groups, government agencies, care providers, and private businesses come together to help our neighbors

Southern participated in the 2017 Project Community Connect at the request of Justice of the Peace for Jackson County Joe Charter.  Judge Charter has long been an advocate for people who seem to be “stuck” in the court system, needing to get their drivers license to get good employment, unable to pay their fines because they lack good employment!  Since being awarded the collection contract for Jackson County Justice Court in late 2015, we have found various ways to serve not only our clients financial interests but also the broader interests of the customers they serve, and the community in general.
Judge Charter has been trying to work a cooperative atmosphere with the courts and other judges around southern Oregon along with their collection agency partners for over a year.  Since Southern works for numerous other courts in the area, we are able to provide not only counsel for the court debtors but also help to get them on the fast track to getting their drivers licenses released.  This year, we set up two workstations and had our Legal Department Manger Cheryl Kubik and Collections Supervisor Gene Obie work at the Medford Armory all day, talking with people and helping them get their financial situations in order.  We also were able to set up dozens of payment plans for people, many who will get an early release of their licenses as the court allows.  It is important for people to pay their fines, but if they are finally in a position to get a good job and pay their fines, only to be prohibited due to a hold on their drivers licenses, no one is served well.  We were glad to see the hundreds of people at the event, getting care ranging from free haircut to medical treatment, to veterinary treatment for their pets, to assistance with the courts from judges and staff.
This project and the people we participated with are in line with one of our Core Values: Be a Great Neighbor!
We are glad to have helped so many people get on the right track this year, and look forward to being a part of the event for many years to come!  You can check out more at this link:

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