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2019 Collection Forum – November 12th, Medford

We have scheduled our next Collection Seminar for Tuesday, November 12th at the Hilton garden Inn in Medford!  Collection best-practices plus updates for state and … Continue reading

Money or Credit?

In a recent presentation, the speaker asked the rhetorical question: “In a credit-based economy, what is more important: Credit or money?” Many people, if not … Continue reading

Getting an Itemized Statement to Balance is Not Negotiable!

Imagine you have received a bill from a debt collector and you thought it had all been paid and taken care of some time ago.  … Continue reading

“Will you take my account for collection?”

We receive calls from people every week asking if they can place an account or accounts with us for collection. Sometimes, we have to tell … Continue reading

“Big Regulation” Brings Big Business – Small Business Not Wanted

What happens when Big Regulation inserts itself into the marketplace?  Almost always we see fewer choices for consumers, fewer small businesses thrive or even survive, … Continue reading