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CFPB Requires Response to Consumer Complaints

I recently signed up with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) so they can send me consumer complaints and our company will be required to … Continue reading

If you think health care is expensive now, wait until it’s free!

Are you ready for your health insurance premiums to at least double between now and 2016?  According to a report by the IRS handed out … Continue reading

Interest Charges and Unlawful Trade Practices

How many people does it take to properly calculate 9% interest on $100 past due balance?  How many are involved?! The age-old question about interest … Continue reading

Health Care Reform is here and the IRS is in Charge

You may not have realized that the Americans with Care Act, also known as Health Care Reform or “Obamacare”, will be administered and enforced by the … Continue reading

Another Regulator – Impact of the CFPB for Bill Collectors

The Bureau has been taking form for over a year now, and is about to launch itself completely into the debt collection industry as the … Continue reading

The federal healthcare act and third-party collectors

I was recently asked to comment on the Supreme Court’s ruling on the federal healthcare act for an upcoming article in a national publication.  I … Continue reading

Does TILA apply to me?

I recently took a phone call from a client that was in a slight panic over some recent “legal advice” they received at a training … Continue reading