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Oregon HB2398 Requires All Health Care Providers to “Scrub” For OHP Prior to Collections

A new law requires all Oregon health care providers to hold any debt for at least 90 days before assigning to a debt collector if … Continue reading

“Clerical Errors” Can Be Very Costly

Several of our clients have found out the hard way the view attorneys and regulators have about “clerical errors” in today’s financial environment, and it … Continue reading

The Legislative Process – A view from the Inside

Every two years or so, we hear how “special interests” are running Salem (or Washington D.C.) and neglecting the “common people”, and we need to … Continue reading

Have you heard of E-Court?

Most of you see how technology improves life, making things go faster and easier and things become cheaper.  But not if you are the State … Continue reading

The Fiscal Cliff and Health Care Collections – Did We Fall?

For the month of December, it was difficult to tune into any news source and not see a story about the “Fiscal Cliff” negotiations ongoing in … Continue reading