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What is an “itemized statement” for debt collection purposes?

Southern is a third party debtor collector as defined by the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and as such we have certain legal obligations when … Continue reading

What will still be owed after a bankruptcy?

Although more than a million Americans file bankruptcy annually, there is considerable confusion on what it is and what it means to the consumer and … Continue reading

“Not legally bound” to a debt not on a credit report?

We recently had a consumer visit our office and make the statement that he was “not legally bound” to pay a debt that was not … Continue reading

Oregon HB2398 Requires All Health Care Providers to “Scrub” For OHP Prior to Collections

A new law requires all Oregon health care providers to hold any debt for at least 90 days before assigning to a debt collector if … Continue reading

When do we go to work? When should we be paid?

Southern has a number of programs for our various clients for collecting their unpaid debts.  What we do, when we do it, and what we charge … Continue reading

“How long will you work to collect my debts?”

This is one of the most oft-asked questions we get from our Clients and prospective clients.  And the answer is simple, and complex!  The simple … Continue reading

Can Southern Accept an Account if Workers Comp is Invloved?

We recently had a discussion regarding the Oregon rules for accepting accounts that may or may not be involved in a workers compensation claim, and the ending … Continue reading

My ex has to pay that! My divorce decree says so!

Perhaps you have been in the middle of a divorce yourself and spoke these words.  Maybe you’ve heard this while trying to get payment from … Continue reading