2018 is a Year of Technical Upgrades at Southern!

All businesses need to keep a strategic eye on the future of their industry and the products and services necessary to run their operations in a competitive and efficient manner, or they won’t continue to be in business!  Southern has made significant investments in 2017-18 in some of our technical platforms that will result in more efficient, more effective and BETTER production and services for our clients and partners today and for years to come.  A significant investment began in 2017 with a program that focuses on document control (LaserFiche) but can do SO much more!  After significant programming and training, we have started to see real advances in processes wherever paper has been involved.  The intake process for new accounts has been completely reformed using LF and has cut the average time to enter manual accounts from about 4 calendar days to less than 2!  Collectors now have access to scanned documents immediately when they are working on accounts and talking to consumers.  We have been able to put in several checks during the process to ensure more accurate entry and data housing.  Another major project recently put into practice has been our garnishment procedures.  We formerly had to “walk” piles of paper documents to our attorney and the courts.  Now, our partners can log into a secured website and review and sign these forms electronically – saving days and tons of time for our staff and our partners!  Many other programs have been implemented and more will be done with these two projects, but this program demonstrates our mission of Betterment in ways we can measure every day!

We implemented a new phone system on September 25th.  This new technology is futuristic in many ways, yet very familiar to us all.  Android-based WildIX has already become a powerful tool with many easy-to-use features.  As with all new technology, we saw a few bumps with implementation but already we have more tools to help our staff in every facet of their jobs.

Other new technology for Southern this year includes: a partner that helps with credit bureau disputes, saves our staff many hours monthly while ensuring a higher level of compliance: we have continually invested in new hardware for our server farm: we have a new off-site partner for our system backups: partners with clients that allow us direct access to records for handling disputes and other compliance requirements: a legal portal  for partners like attorneys, courts, process servers and others: upgrades in data security that includes monthly employee training on email traps, phishing, virus control, and other concerns, along with many other system and hardware upgrades.

Southern has been a great company and great partner for creditors and governments entities for over 50 years, and we are committed to being here for at least another 50!

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