Top 10 Reasons for not paying at Christmas Time!

It has been true for as long as there have been excuses to NOT pay your bills; Christmas time is a chance to skip a payment!  What sacred right grew into existence long ago that commands people to believe skipping payments at Christmas time in order to buy presents is not only an acceptable behavior, but a right and entitlement as a good American?  I’m not sure, but enough people believe it and try to act on this “right” to make me think I missed something in the US Constitution and Bill of Rights in my 10th grade Citizenship class.

What types of holiday excuses do we hear?  Well…let’s take a look at some of the classics we have been given over the years.  With a tip of the hat to Letterman, our Top Ten Reasons I can’t Pay my Bill this Month! (these are actual excuses – not made up!)

10. I won’t have money to buy my kids the presents they want.

9.  I’m too busy shopping for presents to make my payment.

8.  It’s just too stressful this time of year to make my payment.

7.  I’m having family come to my house and I forgot to pay you.

6.  We went to Disneyland and I spent all our money.

5.  I am at Disneyland and forgot to mail my payment before we left.

4.   I won’t have money to buy my kids the presents they want. (I know this is also #10 – but we hear this one ALOT!)

3.  You should let me skip my payment because the economy needs me to buy presents.

2.  Only a real Scrooge would make me pay this month.

And the #1 reason we actually heard for not paying their bill at Christmas time:

1.  I am in Hawaii for three weeks so I won’t be able to make it to your office and make my payment!

Yes – these are all excuses we have actually been given for not paying a bill this time of year!  So how do we handle people who ask to skip a payment so they can shop for presents?  If the person has been paying faithfully, we tell them; “Sure you can skip this month, but you will need to make two payments next month.  What days will you be paying?”  Seems few people actually skip when given this option! (If they haven’t been paying faithfully, we simply tell them “no”,)

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