“Will you take my account for collection?”

We receive calls from people every week asking if they can place an account or accounts with us for collection. Sometimes, we have to tell people we will not accept their account and they can be surprised by that response. After all, isn’t any account potential income and good business?

Not in our world! We have certain limitations on what we accept for collection including the type, age and amount of the debt. Every account placed with us represents an expense since we work all accounts we receive. They also represent potential liability for plaintiff lawsuits over FDCPA and FCRA violations, regulatory involvement from the Attorney General or CFPB, or loss from court actions. We are a bit more picky than other collection agencies on who and what we accept.

We do not accept accounts with family, ex-family, or relatives of any sort. We are precluded by law from accepting child support judgments as only the Department of Justice is allowed to collect those debts in Oregon. It has been our experience we do not want to be involved in a personal matter, as we always do work and then not get paid while making everyone involved angry at us and each other. We do not accept day care debts as we have found these are also very personal in nature and often highly disputed. We do not accept single accounts (from an individual) for under $3500 unless it has already been reduced to judgment. We have found working for one person who has one debt is very costly in resources on our staff, as opposed to working for professionals and businesses who understand the collection process, legal requirements and time involved.

Accounts too old are not accepted either. Rental accounts for consumers need to be less than 10 months from date of last charge since the statute of limitations is only 1 year in Oregon. Most other debts have a 6 year statute of limitations and we do not accept accounts past the statute. If the debt is presently in litigation we cannot accept it until that has been resolved. We also will take a considered look and review of any highly disputed debt before accepting it, as certain litigation may or may not be in our best interest depending on the evidence and contract involved.

For businesses, we often are asked what is the smallest balance we will accept. And our reply is usually: “That is up to you. We are not only in the numbers business but also the information business, and your account may have the information we need to collect several others we are working on.” Keep in mind nothing under $50 gets reported to a credit bureau, and small balances are not cost-effective to pursue litigation. But we collect many small balances as we can combine them and pursue them as a group. If you have any questions about our policy on balance, age or type of account please feel free to give us a call!

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