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Southern regularly presents in-person Collection Training Forums. Sign up for our mailing list to receive updates on that dates, times, and locations for the our next Forum.

Our Collection Training Forums give you the best techniques for collecting your receivables and account balances. For almost 20 years, we’ve been presenting these seminars to help you collect more on-time payments from your customers.

We time these seminars to follow the close of the Oregon Legislature, allowing us to review changes in rules and laws that impact your collection efforts. During the Forums, we encourage you to ask questions — we are here to help you.

What people say about our training:

“Amazing! Always helpful!”  Nichole, Surgery Center of Southern Oregon, Medford

“I found this very informative.  Brian is energetic, entertaining and very informative.”  Pat, Medford Medical Clinic

“Thank you!  you were very knowledgeable and kept moving but allowing us to ask questions.  And loved the “forum” process.  It was a great seminar!”  Kim, Slocum Surgery Center, Eugene

“Wonderful speaker!”  BreeAnn, Mid Rogue Health, Grants Pass

“I am new at collections and enjoyed this.”  Sandi, ARC, Medford

“Great information, very helpful!”  Lacy, Dreyer Medical, Eugene

“Very helpful information.  Appreciate the resource information.” Shirley, Umpqua Medical, Roseburg

“Definitely learned a lot!”  Kelsey, Kano Endodontic, Coos Bay

“Great forum!  Look forward to the next one!” Marilyn, Curry General Hospital, Gold Beach

“Thank you for this WONDERFUL seminar!  It has been very informative and Brian was a GREAT speaker!”  Bobbi, Bay Clinic, Coos Bay

Past forum topics:

Some of the topics of past presentations include:

Debt Collection Overview

This session of the forum provides you with an in-depth look at collection regulations, family issues & expenses, responsibility of payment, and setting up your Office Policies.

Changes & Updates in Oregon Law, Bankruptcy & Federal Collection/Credit laws and regulations

What did the most recent Oregon Legislature pass that affects EVERY creditor trying to collect bills? Who regulates every creditor and what are the potential penalties?  Who is the CFPB and why should all creditors care?  What liability should I be concerned about when using a collection agency?


This session will give even the most experienced collector new ideas to streamline your processes. How can our practice ensure our collection calls are a positive experience for both parties?  If you are a supervisor, learn tips and ideas on how to train your staff for better recovery and a better culture when asking for money.  Get lots of resources and creative contest ideas to change behavior in a positive manner permanently.

GETTING THE MONEY AT THE POINT OF ENTRY – OR “how to ask for payment”

Do you or your staff “feel like the bad guy” having to ask your customers or patients to pay their portion at the time of service?  How can we create the right attitude of customer service while still raising expectations of being paid the amount owed at time of service?  How do I get my staff to ask for payment without bringing them down every day?


In-person classes and workshops:

Southern also presents classes for groups and associations on collection accounts receivable management issues throughout the year. Please call us to learn more about developing an in-person class for your organization.

You can also learn more about online training seminars and bringing President Brian Watkins to your event or organization to speak.

To learn more about our Collection Training Forums, please call us at: 1-888-511-0700.