Consumer Collections

Collecting from consumers is a difficult balance between an assertive recovery process and maintaining positive public relations for our clients. However, we believe businesses are entitled to be paid for the work they have done for someone or the goods they have sold.

If a consumer has the ability to pay, our collection professionals provide the debtor with every opportunity to resolve the accounts in a timely manner, whether in full or by payment arrangements. Of course, some consumers will continue to ignore our efforts even though they have the available income and/or assets to pay their just debts. In those circumstances, we may need to proceed with litigation and judgment remedies to collect the debt.

We treat people with respect

Southern collectors and staff will always be respectful and courteous to your consumers. We recognize that we represent our clients in the community, and are very aware how important it is to you that we maintain your relationships with your customers. Our core belief in diplomacy, respect, and tact creates our exceptional results while maintaining the best public image for our clients.

Adherence to the law

Southern strictly adheres to FDCPA, FCRA, HIPAA, OUDCPA, and other state laws. This legislation is always a primary concern for our employees. It is a critical component of our philosophy and values to work hard for our clients while following a conservative interpretation of all statutes and case-law that could have an impact on our business and reflect toward our clients.

To learn more about ways we can help you get paid the money consumers owe your business, please call us at 1-888-511-0070.