Commercial Collections

Southern is a member of the International Association of Commercial Collectors (IACC). This membership gives us ongoing collector training and certification to provide our business-to-business clients a premium partner for their Accounts Receivables. We serve a wide variety of industries in Oregon. Typical B2B industries for Southern include media and advertising (print, radio, TV), wholesale and supply, contractor and sub-contractor services, production, and goods sold.

Our collectors are professional

Our certified Commercial Collectors and legal staff are always aware of the possibility a commercial debtor could become a customer for our clients again. Therefore, we  take an aggressive and respectful approach to debt collection. This gives us the best results Рgetting your business the money you are owed, while leaving a positive impression should the opportunity for future transactions occur in the future.

Commercial collections process

Our Commercial Collectors are very aggressive in asset location, payment procurement, document production, and the litigation process. They review accounts for possible fraudulent transfers and corporate co-mingling of assets in case there are other potential remedies should the corporate entity become dissolved.

Judgment execution becomes a critical component of commercial collections as a business closes its doors or sells and collectors with the experience and training can mean the difference between being paid and getting nothing. If our clients have a contract calling for collection costs, the fee for our debt collection services can be $0!

To learn more about ways we can help you get paid the money other companies owe your business, please call us at 1-888-511-0070.