Debt Collection Services

Southern Oregon Credit Service works for a broad range of companies to collect their consumer debt. Healthcare, utilities, financial services, retail sales and other types of businesses continue to trust Southern to improve their own financial bottom line every month.

Our professional team also specializes in commercial debt collection.  This requires a specialized approach to collect funds for companies that are owed by other businesses (B2B transactions). Our certified Commercial Collectors collect bills owed by other businesses while maintaining a professional and positive relationship for our clients.

If your business requires assistance with collecting payments before your customers default, we put our experience, knowledge and technology to work to improve your aging reports, liquidate old or sold accounts, and assist your offices to improve recovery performance. Learn more about our account receivables management services at Resolution Resource.

To learn more about our specific areas of specialization that will help your company get paid faster, please click on one of the links below:

Call 888-511-0070 to discuss your collections goals and the specialized solutions we can provide to your company.