Southern Merges with Fidelity Collection Service

President of Southern Oregon Credit Service Brian Watkins is excited to announce the merger of two long-term collection companies into one entity effective January 1st, … Continue reading

Money or Credit?

In a recent presentation, the speaker asked the rhetorical question: “In a credit-based economy, what is more important: Credit or money?” Many people, if not … Continue reading

Getting an Itemized Statement to Balance is Not Negotiable!

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“Will you take my account for collection?”

We receive calls from people every week asking if they can place an account or accounts with us for collection. Sometimes, we have to tell … Continue reading

2018 is a Year of Technical Upgrades at Southern!

All businesses need to keep a strategic eye on the future of their industry and the products and services necessary to run their operations in … Continue reading

Oregon Collectors Association Scholarship is Available!

Since 1985, the Oregon Collectors Association (ORCA) has been fortunate to present scholarships to Oregon high school seniors who were going to college somewhere in … Continue reading

Adding Value – Partnerships That Train!

Many of our clients have participated in one of our hosted training seminars over the years, and more have attended a conference where we have … Continue reading

What is an “itemized statement” for debt collection purposes?

Southern is a third party debtor collector as defined by the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and as such we have certain legal obligations when … Continue reading