Adding Value – Partnerships That Train!

Many of our clients have participated in one of our hosted training seminars over the years, and more have attended a conference where we have been a presenting speaker.  That tradition continues as we make efforts to train, teach, and inform credit and collection professionals the importance of compliance, how to improve recovery at the front desk and over the phone, improve financial policies and procedures, and take a good look at expenses in their billing and revenue cycle.

Starting November 2017, Southern has presented two Medical Collection Forums (Medford and Roseburg) hosting over 100 collection professionals.  I have presented in two of our clients offices and have a third on the calendar to train staff on how to improve revenue AND customer relations at the front desk.  We recently announced a Credit & Collection Workshop we are co-sponsoring with People’s Bank on November 15th, 2018 in Medford.  In August 2018 I presented two sessions for the Oregon Community College Retreat in their Bursar/Collection Track.  And no doubt we will present and train and teach more than this before the year I over!

I get asked regularly; “Why are you teaching us these things?  We’ll collect more and have fewer accounts to send to you.  It seems counter-productive for a collection company to train its clients to collect more money!”  I appreciate and really understand that sentiment.  We offer our expertise to our clients because it fits our Mission of Betterment – we want every business who hires us and partners with us to be better!  Of course, there are a couple “selfish” reasons we do this as well.  If we can train your staff on better procedures and techniques, it will lower the number of complaints and disputes BOTH of our offices deal with.  If we train you on compliance issues with contracts and policies in lessens our liability under the FDCPA and our your liability under the Oregon laws.  I have found over the years there are so many misconceptions about collections and collection agency people, it gives me a real opportunity to set the record straight on how hard we work for our clients to collect what is owed while treating people with respect.  Ultimately, we want to offer true Value to our clients.  We want long-term relationships with our clients that are mutually beneficial.  We work 100% of the accounts placed with us but only get paid on about 1/3 of them, so we need to work with a business for a long time to become profitable.  And our clients benefit as we learn their procedures, systems, and staff and how they want things done.

Southern is a business committed to Maximizing our Clients ROI, and offering quality and valuable training at affordable (or no) cost is one more way we accomplish this goal while fulfilling our Core Values!

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