Oregon HB2398 Requires All Health Care Providers to “Scrub” For OHP Prior to Collections

A new law requires all Oregon health care providers to hold any debt for at least 90 days before assigning to a debt collector if the patient was eligible or had applied for coverage at the time of service, and must again verify coverage (or lack thereof) prior to assigning the account to a debt collector. Exceptions are allowed for co-payments or other charges authorized to be owed by the patient.
This new law is intended to “protect” OHP recipients from collection action when they had coverage from OHP for their debt.
As a practical matter, all health care providers are already checking for OHP coverage for their patients, and no one wants to send an OHP covered person to collections, and we don’t want to accept an account where OHP is liable for the debt.¬† Be sure you are checking for OHP prior to sending to collections, be sure the account is at least 90 days from date-of-last-service prior to sending to collections, and check one more time before sending to collections if they have coverage for your service.
Southern has a Medicaid scrub vendor already in place and we can verify coverage for any patient who claims to have had it for your services, within the last 13 months.

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